Arts Management

We provide arts organizations support they need to grow sustainably, flourish and make art available to their audiences. 

All while keeping their house in order.

Let’s hone your mission, structure your board, get the word out, fill your seats, get the funding on track, hire the right people, and invest in your programming.

So that you can continue supporting those who curate, teach, play, paint, write, sing and dance.


Board Development

  • Member recruitment

  • Legal structure/practices/compliance

  • Code of conduct/ethics/conflict of interest


Talent Management

  • Intern programs

  • Volunteer drives/programs

  • Executive staff acquisition

  • Key staff structure/training/development programs

  • Employee/volunteer hiring/ training/development programs

  • Human resource compliance

  • Code of conduct/ethics/conflict of interest



  • Legal/administrative structure

  • Supplier/vendor management

  • Code of conduct/ethics/conflict of interest


Facilities & Arts Programming

  • Vision and Mission based programming

  • Performances/concerts/fairs

  • Art Exhibits: production, management, curatorial services

  • Arts education/workshop creation & facilitation

  • Audience engagement programs/campaigns

  • Facilities optimization



  • Budget management

  • Financial statements/audits/reconciliations

  • Contract negotiations

  • Banking/financing platforms

  • Accounts payable/receivable standardization

  • Fundraising campaigns

  • Grant writing

  • Sustainable, stakeholder supported donation platforms

  • Legacy giving/management programs

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  • Marketing campaigns and print/digital collateral

  • Public Relations & networking

  • Internal & external communication platforms

    • Social media engagement

    • Newsletters

    • Surveys

    • Focus groups