Our mission is to provide research based arts management solutions for art organizations seeking to deliver inspirational programming to their audiences.


Since 2007

We Believe That


Regardless of its size or geographic boundaries, people in every village, town and city deserve to witness remarkable powers of art.

People merit unforgettable concert series under the stars, thoughtfully curated art exhibits in sustainably managed art centers, and enjoy art walks in thriving gallery districts.

We are convinced that captivating public art installations, community based festivals and dialogue inspiring theater productions unite people of every socioeconomic level in a shared experience of joy.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with a satellite office in Tallinn, Estonia, Art d' Art provides research based arts management solutions for North American and European arts and cultural organizations so that they may deliver vibrant, relevant, and thought provoking programming to their communities.

Strategic Planning


An arts organization must innovate in order to excel in communicating, representing and marketing its art where knowledge and foresight matter.

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Arts Management

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We provide arts organizations support they need to grow sustainably, flourish and make art available to their audiences. 

All while keeping their house in order.

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Art Advisory

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We help our clients create inimitable art programs through discreet, personal consulting, art education, market research and thoughtful acquisition.

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We help an art centers, museums, galleries, festivals and artist guilds reach their goals.


Get In Touch


We have flexible daily and half day fees, useful should you need to touch base, get pointed in the right direction or need advice on your current project.

For the intermediate and in depth projects, we recommend our retainer and project based pricing.

Weather you need advice with a current project or need help with a future venture, we would love to help.

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